Plane Curve Book

The book is now out in Kindle, paperback and notebook formats from Wolfram Media. Go to for current information and links. The link to Amazon will allow you (look inside) to read the first section which gives an idea of my methodology.

In addition there is a free summary of the book in Wolfram's The Mathematica Journal.

A Wolfram Language approach to Real Numerical Algebraic Plane Curves (PDF 3.4 MB)

This article is also available in notebook (.nb) and Wolfram Reader (.cdf) format. The global functions used in this article are available in Mathematica notebook form. These can be executed in Mathematica. If you do not have access to Mathematica and just want to look at the full code you can read this notebook using the free Wolfram CDF player.

For those readers of the TMJ article who might want to get more information on a particular chapter individual chapter notebooks and additional material are available for download at Chapter Notebooks and More. If you want more than a few a better option is to to the Wolfram media link above and download the zip file. You do need to download the Appendix 2, Global Functions (.nb 1.1MB) notebook and Evaluate initialization cells before using any of the other notebooks.

For the convenience of all users of the software defined in this book we have an index to Global Functions (PDF) which lists all the Global Functions (Appendix 2) alphabetically, giving syntax and location, by section, where further information on this function can be found in the book, chapter notebooks or Global Function notebook.

Notes on Bezout's Theorem

(January 2019) I have written a new sub-section of Appendix 1 which explains Bezout's theorem in terms of the linear algebra developed in this Appendix. A PDF version (108KB) is here. The notebook version of this material is now included as section A.7 in the Appendix 1 notebook available in Chapter Notebooks.

Execution Errors in Kindle, Print and notebook Versions

(updated for Mathematica 12)

One challenge in production of this book is that both the typesetting an execution of code is done by Mathematica at the same time. For technical reasons some code did not execute properly when the the fixed print versions were typeset. The notebook versions in Chapter Notebooks have been, or soon will be, updated where necessary to fix these errors.