Individual Chapter Notebooks

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Here are individual chapter notebooks for download. If you plan to download more than a few it is recommended that you download instead the .zip file located at Navigation between these individually downloaded files will not work correctly. The author, Barry H. Dayton, reserves the right to make changes to these notebooks with corrections, clarifications and possibly even add new material so these notebooks will not necessarily be identical to the ones in the Wolfram Media .zip file. These changed notebooks will not be distributed in any other format.

There is no introduction, front matter or references here. You should look at the Kindle or paperback edition or the free article version at A Wolfram Language approach to Real Numerical Algebraic Plane Curves (PDF 3.4 MB)

Here are my chapter notebooks. Even if you don't specifically want to see it, it is a good idea to download Appendix 2, Global Functions and Evaluate Initialization Cells before working with any of these notebooks as some needed functions are given in that notebook.

Appendix 1 now includes new information on Bezout's theorem.